Morris Residence


Morris Residence


For the purchase of the “Eden (Evergreen) Retreat” with Modifications as listed below:

Exterior –

  1. Prefer the dormer window style shown on the upstairs rear view of GUNTOWN.

  2. Extend the front porch to 6 feet.

  3. Remove the upstairs terrace and have the rear view like that of GUNTOWN with just a window on the second floor.

Interior -

  1. Relocate the HVAC to the attic area on the left side of the upstairs bathroom.

  2. Would like to include the attic area and the former HVAC/closet area in the loft space. I would like to option of installing daybed platforms in the previous attic and HVAC space; may even have pull out trundle beds under the daybeds to make up for the loss of “bunk room”.

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