Our Scents, Your Memories


Imagine waking up in a cabin, tucked away in the woods. You walk past your den, towards the kitchen. The den is filled with plush leather chairs, cigar boxes, bound books, and little trinkets of adventure’s past. The fireplace is roaring, and you are at ease.

You enter the kitchen, the coffee is already brewing, and the sheer scent of it already begins your awaken your groggy eyes. You grab a cup and head out to the porch.

You’re bundled up in your warm red cherry flannel jacket, and you sit down in your favorite rocking chair. The cool breeze moves past you, stealing some of the the warmth from your mug. You take in the views as you finish your last sip.

You grab your pack, walk down the porch, and head into the woods. You smell the rich pines, the soft fir, and you’re enveloped in the crispness of the air.

You find a clearing and start a small campfire. You take in a deep breath and realize you have everything you need and are at perfect ease.

This is the fragrance journey captured for the first line of candles from Brummel & Bivvy. They sought to harness the adventure of the outdoors and the peace of those comforting yet rugged scents. Everything from tobacco, leather and campfires to coffee, your favorite flannel and all that nature has to offer.

We invite you to explore this scent journey with one scent or pair together multiples to create the perfect fragrant landscape in your home. Take the adventure home.